05 September 2014 @ 07:46 pm
it's been TWO YEARS since i've posted on dw but sara ([personal profile] fick) is bringing journaling back! here is a meme that she tagged me in. i am not tagging anybody because a) i have no idea what your dws are and b) who even uses dw anymore...

ficlet meme
comment with a pairing and/or prompt and i'll write something short for it.

i can't promise that i will write them as i am super busy lately and also my only fandom seems to be bangtan these days... but i will try!

anyway i'm off to my friend's 21st birthday party! i am in my third year of college but i am still 19. (i'm a november baby!) classes have been going well; i'm actually pretty excited! i'm thinking that things will be looking up this year. i'm taking marching band (of course), an english class on women detectives/women in crime fiction, an english class on magical realism/postmodernism, an english class on the appropriation of robin hood, and italian 101! i am pretty terrible at italian but ngl khr! fic has helped me immensely... THAT'S ALL FOR NOW... why is it so awkward to end lj/dw entries now... ellipses x50...
14 February 2014 @ 11:59 pm

sophie, ♀, 18
mostly locked! comment to be added. ♥
i like... chocolate, dresses & not wearing pants, florals & lace, dessert, bildungsromans, rainy days, the colour yellow, hedgehogs, nail polish, the smell of lemons & coffee, maps, apple-flavoured things, fairy tales, contemporary fiction, weddings, headbands & flower appliqués, dressing up for no apparent reason, french braids & ribbons, the motherland (belgium ♥), cats, french bread & baguettes, and bouquets.

my favourite things... batman & etc., drum corps international, exo, kingdom hearts, final fantasy xii & xiii, happy endings, mythbusters, one direction, pokemon, sket dance, sherlock (bbc), star trek (2009), the world ends with you, white collar, winter guard international, young justice, etc.

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13 August 2012 @ 01:31 am
things that have happened since the last post i made:

(a) i made spartan marching band! move in to michigan state is in seven days for band camp! i am crying! I'M GOING TO COLLEGE! :'(

(b) caught up with so you think you can dance... did you know will and i live in the same city?! well, used to. we have three mutual facebook friends, nbd. this season is probably the first where i love EVERYONE (minus alexa so good thing she got cut...). my favorites include will (HOMETOWN PRIDE OK), cole (cole and tao are the same person basically), CYRUS (every time i look at him and his genuine awe for the dancers i just cry), dareian, george (he is an AMAZING technical dancer), amelia (quirky!), audrey (she reminds me of ashley last season I LOVE ASHLEY i love audrey omg), WITNEY THE FUCKING LOVE OF MY LIFE, lindsay is so fucking cute, janelle (SO pretty omg), tiffany, and eliana... basically i love everyone :'(

(c) my love for exo has escalated to the point where i have written fic (i never signed up for this)
exhibit one: a baekyeol breakup fic that is not actually a breakup like this 8000+ word monster was the first thing i wrote in almost four years i h8 u exo
exhibit two: a self-indulgent marching band AU

(d) went to LA/santa monica for a week... just reinforced the fact that i don't like socal lmao

how are you doing? i'm inwardly panicking because i don't know how to study/march/live my life without my parents. you can find me a lot on twitter if you haven't already! basically all i do is make fun of baekyeol, shout at kai, and cry over sytycd. nbd.
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15 May 2012 @ 10:16 pm
somehow i got sucked into exo

(... ....... ..................)

how did i go from laughing at NO ONE WHO CARE ABOUT ME :'(((((( to falling in love

i hate myself more and more with every passing day

(my favourites are chanyeol & baekhyun also i think chen & lu han are very pretty sodimfpmsoidmfposem uyv uybiunij idk IDK WHY DO I KNOW THEIR NAMES I D K)
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04 May 2012 @ 04:17 pm
i'm like never on here because i'm on tumblr all the time because i've fallen prey to microblogging

my tumblr may look like another typical photography blog but i only reblog so much because i want to cover up all the one direction posts i cry about and am ashamed of nbd if you look at my liked posts literally everything is... one direction............ what's happening to me

(a) so may 1st has come and gone and i've finally decided where i'm going to college next year :) go green, go white, gooo-o state, beee-at michigan, etc., haha! i am absolutely terrified of college but here are some deadlines that i will need to remember:
- may 10th: math placement exam
- june 16th: color guard auditions
- july 10th: orientation
ahhhhhh life is terrifying also lol SMB is terrifying as well. ngl i'm like 97% sure i'm not going to make it into SMB but you never know until you try, amirite...

(b) prom is tomorrow and i don't want to go LULS too bad i have a date LULS too bad i asked him LULS why did i do that LULS i paid for his ticket LULS goodbye $80 LULS can i just leave early LULS

jk he is a very nice boy and we get along but i don't want to go (with him) whoops

also i have to get a boutonniere i don't wanna spend more money damn son why you so expensive

good news is that my shows are gold and sparkly and beautiful and i got them for $28 yeah son and i wish i were shorter so i could wear heels everyday for the rest of my life

i also want the nude ones so badly OK this point has turned into a point about shoes

(c) i think i'm falling in love with a kid who i am not going to prom with and also he was born in the year 1996

i was born in 1994

i'm going to be a legitimate pedophile in six months LULS

this is how i know it's love: i text him even though i don't even have texting

how am i going to explain that to my parents


(d) no really i'm in love

(e) also i'm going to be proud of my towering (?? maybe?????? OK 5'8" isn't really all that tall but whatevs) height of 5'8" and wear heels from now on, i never realised how cute heels are... jk i have no money what am i doing i could single-handedly cause another recession

(f) no really i really really really want to make it into SMB

so badly

i will jump off a cliff if i don't (OK so i'm not that intense i will probably be bitter and sad and never go to home football games ever again until i make it onto the team but whatevs don't judge)

(g) what happened to this post
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